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Table Centerpieces


The way you set your tables is important, because it influences three things: it indicates the tone/feeling that people have about being together. It lets people know that you think they are important enough to put in the extra effort for them. It influences the appearance of the food served. 

The vision of Dinenertain Destination came about in the midst of the pandemic. With travel banned and restaurants closed, Danielle invited friends over for small intimate themed dinners. These dinners not only created entertainment but kept the spirit of adventure alive during the lockdown.


"I loved creating my favorite destination spot through the use of food and decor." 


 "Even with the borders closed my imagination was not restricted of wondering free"


"These destination dinners made me and my dinner guests feel as if we were on vacation." 



Interior Designer Danielle Jacques-Lewis tastefully merges dining with design by offering the most delicious dishes from anywhere in the world, but you get to be the chef that serves an authentic, totally faithful-to-the-original version while she creates the matching atmosphere. 

Themed dining tables in artful, decorative ways are created to make you and your dinner guests feel as if you just were just whisked away. Yet all the comforts of your own dinning space. 

Danielle also suggests the most opportune season to throw your dinner soirée categorized by month with menus. Those wanting an extra special touch, Danielle can suggests playlist or games that can be crafted to capture the essence of the evening. Extending the decor beyond the table is always encouraged. For those who wish to trickle the elements of decor to surrounding areas, Danielle loves creating the ultimate dinning atmosphere. 

Amalfi Coast

An Amalfi Affair August Dinner Party for 6

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